As declared on our HOMEPAGE, we are primarily interested in books that celebrate the infinite wisdom of Mother Earth and in supporting authors to publish their works that encourage readers to listen to and, in effect, have a conversation with Mother Earth.

This is our single focus or raison d’etre for GROUNDED PRESS and why our logo literally includes the words, “CONVERSATIONS WITH MOTHER EARTH.”

Our passion for this topic naturally preceded our decision as managing partners to launch this GROUNDED PRESS publishing firm. A peek at the careers of Gerry Kierans and his “partner-in-work-and-life” Gordana Kierans will reveal life-long commitments to education and nature.

Gerry is a Canadian, a former history and outdoor survival teacher who has enjoyed an accomplished international career as a serial entrepreneur, corporate trainer, executive coach, and business consultant. You can find out more about him at and and

Gordana Kierans (pen name Dana Petrović – see OUR BOOKS & AUTHORS) grew up on a farm in Croatia but left at the age of 19. She lived for 25 years in Europe where she completed her Ph.D in Economics, worked, met Gerry – and wrote her first books!

Dana has always been deeply touched by the majesty of Nature. Indeed, her first children’s book is titled Vana’s Adventure with Mother Earth
and in 2021-22 she hosted a highly-acclaimed podcast called “Conversations with Mother Earth”. To view these videos, see OUR BOOKS & AUTHORS.

Today, despite cherishing her career as a consultant and a professor, she always returns to her private home near the Adriatic Sea in Crikvenica, Croatia to get “grounded”.

More details about Dana/Gordana can be found on at and her Facebook, TwitterInstagram profile and her personal website