If your work celebrates the infinite wisdom of Mother Earth or the down-to-earth foresight of how our indigenous civilizations lived with Her, we are here to help you get your book published.

Finding a publisher can be a time-consuming and arduous endeavour. We intimately know this from our own experience trying to get our first books published.

The principal lesson we have learned is that it is essential that you find a publisher who shares a passion for your topic.

So, if you have written – or are presently writing – a book that celebrates the infinite wisdom of Mother Earth or is inspired by both why and how our ancient indigenous civilizations lived in harmony with Her, then we invite you to take just a few minutes while here to briefly read more about OUR FOCUS and OUR BOOKS / AUTHORS.

And should you have any enquiries whatsoever you are welcomed to reach out to us via SUBMIT YOUR WORK or CONTACT US.

In just a few moments, you will learn that we whole-heartedly share your fervour for what we all can, should – and must – learn from Mother Nature Herself.

Indeed, our commitment to these topics is the reason we have recently launched GROUNDED PRESS. We genuinely want to help others publish their work on these themes. Moreover, to ensure that we never waver from this focused mission, we designed our logo to actually include these words “CONVERSATIONS WITH MOTHER EARTH.”