As mentioned in WHY OUR FOCUS, one of the managing partners of GROUNDED PRESS personally wrote the first two books we have published. The lessons learned in getting these first two books published is the main reason why GROUNDED PRESS was founded.

In 2015, Dana Petrović (pen name for Gordana Kierans), published and personally illustrated her first book “Vana’s Adventure with Mother Earth”. The 2nd Edition is now available Vana’s Adventure with Mother Earth

In 2019, Dana’s debut novel Please Explain Life to Me was published in German.

To learn more about the author you can visit her Facebook , Twitter , Instagram profiles and her personal website. You will also enjoy watching her TEDx TALK.

Please Explain Life to me

“Please Explain Life to Me” is written in German. Following are two rave book reviews. (NOTE. The book’s summary and original reviews in German are available at Please Explain Life to Me 

“Sophisticated in questioning the absurdity of human achievements, Frog Robby questions the supposed advantages of human existence and holds up a mirror to all of us in a funny and cheeky way.”
“If I become human, I promise I will laugh every day. Such a beautiful ability and you don’t use it? You are so beautiful when you laugh.” are my favorite lines from Frog Robby. And, of course, “For Frog’s Sake!”

Vana’s Adventure with Mother Earth

“Vana’s Adventure with Mother Earth” is Dana Petrović’s first children’s book. The first edition was published in 2015 and was inspired by, and dedicated to, her neighbourhood children who were often shocked by the diversity of life Dana literally unearthed (i.e., a fat earth worms) while toiling in her vegetable garden.

As the following reviews testify, although written for children, adults are also deeply inspired as the adventure reawakens their forgotten inner child. It is a perfect book to read to your children at bedtime. Kirkus Reviews: (The leading industry-trusted source for honest and accessible reviews since 1933)   “In this illustrated children’s book, a girl’s fantastic outing with Mother Earth teaches her important lessons about ecology and humans’ stewardship of nature… Petrović’s narrative is both ambitious and concise in its attempt to illustrate Gaia’s ultimate lesson that “We are all one. The prose is simple and understandable but never condescends to its young.”    (You can find the full review here.)

Personal Reviews

“A well written, easy-to-read book that, even though written for children, makes one wonder how we relate with the world. It was a pleasant and educative reading helping to raise environmental awareness and the rightful respect to Nature.”

“A wonderfully profound book, exciting for young readers, arousing curiosity for older ones. A contribution to mindfulness in dealing with Nature, as much for adults as for children.”

“Conversations with Mother Earth” is a series of podcasts hosted by Dana Petrović in 2021-2022. In each episode, Dana interviews extraordinary people from around the world who either via their hobby or career have found their own deeply personal and unique way to have their “Conversations with Mother Earth”. (for example, the “Bug Lady” from London!)

Enjoy “eavesdropping in” on all of these “Conversations”...